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Dr. Harrison Eugene Anthony

1878 -1961

DR. Anthony was born December 03, 1878 and was raised to a young man in Groton, NY. DR. Anthony attended and graduated from Groton High School, where he once taught students for two years after his graduation. He then decided to study medicine. DR. Anthony registered with Syracuse University and for two years studied medicine before transferring to the University of Maryland, where he finished his degree in medicine and graduated in 1901.

Dr. Anthony in his local office

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DR. Anthony began his practice shortly after graduation, in 1901, in a small town called Locke, just a few miles south of Moravia. He practiced in Locke for nearly four years before heading to Stamford, Connecticut, where he spent one year working at the DR. Givens Sanitarium. In 1906, he decided to move his practice to the Village of Moravia.

Ike Simpson goes to Heaven - play written by DR. Anthony

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DR. Anthony took a special course in the disease of the eye and refraction at the Post Graduate Medical School in New York City in 1908. He kept his practice in Moravia until his death in 1961. He actively was practicing medicine till the fall of 1960 when he decided to retire and move to Florida. DR. Anthony fell ill while in Florida and had returned to Moravia and passed away 2 weeks later.

Ever since DR. Anthony began his career as a Doctor, he had been involved in the community life with such organizations as the, First Congregational Church, Sylvian Lodge 41, F & AM, Rotary Club, the County and State Medical Societies, and the American Medical Association. He was married to Mrs. Martha Anne Howe Anthony and they had a son, Eugene, who grew up to be a Doctor.

DR. Anthony wrote some plays which were performed in the Moravia Local theater. Some of the plays he wrote were published and used in schools and church's across the nation. The picture of the play to the above left, was one of many different plays that were performed in Moravia. He was also an amateur painter, and loved to spend time creating and mixing the colors to which he used on his canvas. You still have a chance to see some of his paintings today, at The Anthony Gallery.

Oil painting by DR. Anthony

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