Ithaca, NY:

  1. From Ithaca take Route 13 North
  2. Take the N. Triphammer Road exit and turn left, at the end of the off ramp, onto N. Triphammer Road heading North.
  3. About 4 to 5 miles you will come to an intersection with 4-Way stop signs. Turn right onto Route 34B heading east.
  4. At the bottom of the steep hill is an intersection with 4-Way Stop signs. Turn left onto Route 38 heading north.
  5. Stay on Route 38 heading north through Groton and Locke. Moravia is about 4 miles north of Locke.
  6. As you enter Moravia and pass the High School, The Anthony Gallery is just past the Post Office on the right hand side of the street.
  7. The True Value store is right next door to the Anthony Gallery.

Gallery Hours

Tuesday - Friday: 10am to 4pm
Saturday: 10am to 1 pm
Sunday and Monday: Closed

(315) 497- 0905

The Anthony Gallery 106 Main St. Moravia, NY 13118
(located next to True Value)